Thursday, June 30, 2011

Uncle Leong Seafood (龍海鲜螃蟹王) @ Punggol Promenade

In celebration for this year father's day, my family happily arrived at Ang Mo Kio Block 233 for a much anticipated seafood dinner at Uncle Leong only to find it permanently closed!


As fate has its way, the day before my elder sister gave birth to chubby-cheeks Baby Jovyn, her craving for crabs acted up once again for what seemed like the umpteenth times for this second pregnancy!

Since her birthday is going to be in the midst of her confinement period (when anything that contains seafood is a big no no), the pig sister and I decided to celebrate it in advance by paying Uncle Leong Seafood a visit at its new location - Punggol Promenade.

Reaching early at 5pm, the whole place was only half-filled and we obviously chose the internal air-conditioned section to beat the warm weather.

BLOOODY wrong move!!!

The setting sun has set its fierce glare upon this very area and the outdoor section was in fact comparatively cooler due to the breeze. In fengshui, isn't this is a fail layout??

The preggy was fortunately in a good mood (who wouldn't be considering that the heavy burden in the stomach is coming out the next day) and here's what we had!

Deep Fried Baby Squid (炸苏东仔)
Crunchy with a sweet, caramelised taste that complemented well with the chopped up chilli padi, i would not have ordered this personally given their usual diminutive size that doesn't commensurate with the price tag.

Guinness Ribs (黑啤排骨)
Fattening aside, these were meatier than the ones a year ago although there seemed to be something still missing from the memorable ribs i had a few years ago.

Mini Wok Bean Curd (锅仔豆腐)
This went very well with plain rice - a perfect amalgamation of water, tomato sauce and chilli sauce made up the thick soup that was so uniquely differently from the many mini wok beancurds i had before!

I would gladly mix this with two bowls of plain rice just to prove my point but i tried not to take in too much carbohydrate for dinner. Must try to slim down!

Mee Goreng (马来面)
Super hot and incredibly spicy!!!!

Damn!! If you have read my post on Muthu's Curry, you should have deduced that i am no big fan when it comes to the two aforementioned sensations!

Chilli Crab (辣椒螃蟹)
The appearance of a generous amount of eggs in the chilli gravy is always comforting when it comes to chilli crabs. Another excellent condiment to go with plain white rice!

At S$45 a kilogram, this was comparable to my mom's version (which i have shamelessly declared to be the best in Singapore) and definitely at a higher taste level than the one at House of Seafood @ 180.

The above was concluded despite the truthful announcement by the waitress that the crabs were not in tip top condition. Guess no one is free enough to give the crabs extra massages and spa treatments.

Salted Egg Crab (咸蛋螃蟹)
Having heard this so many times, i am embarrassed that before this visit to Uncle Leong, the glutton in me had never tried this before!

Salted egg is one type of egg i don't crave for as it gives the impression that only old people eat them and they are all disgusting salty. Therefore, i was caught with utter surprise when i took the crab claw and gave it a gentle lick.

Impressive! A savoury lick filled with great seafood flavour that grew stronger as it worked its way down the thousands of taste buds on my tongue.

The crustacean shell caked with solidified salted egg mixtur
e can even be treated as a snack if it had a softer texture! Damn, i almost broke a few molars in my attempts to bite through it.

It was such a waste to see that there's nothing i can do to clean up those unappealing diarrhea-like paste on the shell...


6, Tebing Lane,
#01-03, Punggol East
(Punggol Promenade)

Deep Fried Baby Octopuses - S$15
Guinness Ribs - S$12
Mini Work Bean Curd - S$10
Mee Goreng - S$6
Chilli Crab - S$67.50
Salted Egg Crab S$45

Subject to GST

Additional Information
For reservation, please call 6441-1848.

Be there early as there was a long queue when we left the restaurant at around 7pm.

Should you feel super duper full after a meal at Uncle Leong, i believe a walk along the promenade besides Uncle Leong Seafood shall be helpful for your digestion.

My first post on Uncle Leong Seafood can be found HERE

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