Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nam Sing (南星燕窝) @ Chinatown, Bangkok

Yaowarat Road (or Yaowaraj Road) is the main artery of Chinatown famous for its food, notably the nightly battle between the red and green shirts.

Ironically, one of the first few recommended restaurants i found on the net was Nam Sing (南星燕窝鱼翅酒楼) and i am going to blog specifically on this; the first bird's nest restaurant i visited in Thailand.  

Boxes of processed swallows' saliva adorned the glass cabinets and the open-top glass bowls filled with cuplets of birds'nests were a sight to behold; how much are they really worth?!

Instead of plain water, a free glass of cold chrysanthemum tea will be served once your butt touched the seat! And it will be refilled at no additional charge!

Fried Spare Ribs
with Sweet and Sour Sauce 
Visually appealing, this dish was just not comparable to the many pork ribs i have in Singapore (like the ones in Mayim and Seafood Paradise).

The meat was too tough, making tearing difficult and it didn't help that the sauce tasted too much like the sweet and sour sauce from Macdonalds!

No, those sesame seeds didn't help in making the dish any better!

Shrimp Crab Fried Rice
Expected to be rich in flavour, this was surprisingly too bland.

The glass shrimps were meaty enough but again, lacked that essential strong flavour.

Saving grace was that half a slice of lime!

Fried Malay Morning Glory
Another disappointment!

This was not spicy even for me (for the chilli eaters, it will mean no taste at all) and the kangkong should be fried longer for that nua nua texture!

Red Bird's Nest 4th Class
My first bird's nest for the trip! The delicacy was heavenly sweet (mom found it to be too sweet)!

I especially love the inclusion of Ginkgo nuts which provided the bite for an otherwise too fluid soup!


Though we finished everything, the only reason i will be back to Nam Sing (or Num Sing) is for the bird's nest soup!

We went to the branch along the main road (471-473 Yaowaraj Road), just a stone throw from the White Orchid Hotel.

Fried Spare Ribs - 200 THB
Shrimp Crab Fried Rice - 200 THB
Fried Malay Morning Glory - 100 THB 
Red Bird's Nest 4th Class - 200 THB
(100 THB is roughly S$4.40)

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