Monday, May 22, 2017

All Black Charcoal Kaya Wafer Toast @ Bagus Food Court [Woodland's Causeway Point, Singapore]

I was all game to check out the movie listing at Cathay cineplex on level seven of causeway point but a poster on the right as i turned out from the lift lobby stopped me in my tracks.

The all black charcoal wafer toast; now, i don't normally crave for toasts at 5 pm in the evening but with a mild diarrhea and a movie that would likely end way past dinnertime, i thought this might help to alleviate the primary condition. 

A set, with two slices of charcoal kaya toast, two soft boiled eggs and a cup of teh o gao, at S$3.50 was a definite better deal. The eggs were given to Alex as i think i would have a running "commentary" from my ass if i were to ahead to ingest the runny eggs. 

To be honest, i can't complain for the price i am paying at Bagus foodcourt as the one charcoal toast i absolutely love came from Stateland Cafe and that's like six times expensive. 

Nevertheless, it made do as any normal toasts smeared with kaya and butter that we can get from any decent coffee shop and food court although for the greedy soul in me, they served as added advantage as a snack for afternoon tea.


1 Woodlands Square, #07-03, 
Bagus Food Court, Causeway Point,
Singapore 738099

Set of Charcoal Kaya Toast - S$3.50
(comes with drink and 2 soft boiled eggs)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Second Visit to Honolulu Cafe - Curry Fish Balls & Chicken Wings with Swiss Sauce @ Centrepoint [Singapore]

I am back at honolulu cafe for their baked products, which i enjoyed very much in my last visit, and realised there's an additional menu with a list of main meals that i might have missed out previously! 

Now, to be honest, i am hardly excited. When i was in Hong Kong back in year 1998, i never quite understand why people like baked rice and instant noodles in a cafe setting. For instant noodles, i believe i can make a better version from the pack of Myojo shrimp tanmen and it's of course much cheaper. 

My thoughts weren't shared with my family and they happily ordered quite a few mains. Pork Chop with Spaghetti was one of them and aside from a rather bland sauce, i am most disappointed with the pork chop which had a soft and pulpy texture that rendered the dish almost unpalatable. 

Curry Fish Balls - with the cafe's logo right beside the dish on the menu, i presume it refers to "signature" and happily ordered a serving. Blessed with a solid texture, the fish balls were quite tasty although i think i would prefer curry cooked with the more fragrant coconut milk.

Chicken Wings with Swiss Sauce - my sister and i were under the impression that the chicken wings would be deep fried; hence, we were dumbfounded for a few seconds when the above was served to us; weren't those soy sauce chicken?!

Frankly, they didn't taste horrid but i must add that there's a strong similarity between these ones drenched in swiss sauce and the normal soy sauce chicken wings. Problem was; i have had much better ones.

Guess i did the right thing by insisting on having french toast, polo bun with butter and egg tarts, instead of a proper main meal. You would never go wrong with the aforementioned in your visit to Honolulu Cafe. By the way, service was much better this time! 


176 Orchard Road, #01-33F/G, 
The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843

Re-appended again for your information. For the drink and baked products menu, kindly refer to the first blog post of Honolulu Cafe here.

Pork Chop with Spaghetti - S$9.50
Curry Fish Balls - S$3.00
Chicken Wings with Swiss Sauce - S$6.00
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Tenderfresh Classic (可愛雞) - More Than Just Fried Chicken @ Punggol Waterway Point [Singapore]

Tenderfresh (可愛雞) holds a lot of memories for heartlanders in Singapore and i guess it's time for a brand upgrade for a company that started from fried chicken and western stalls in coffee shops! 

Now introducing the halal certified restaurant concept, Tenderfresh Classic is guaranteed to give KFC and Arnold's Chicken a run for the lucrative fried chicken money.

I have been waiting to try ever since i chanced upon its first Tenderfresh Classic outlet at Cheong Chin Nam road (opposite Beauty World) although i didn't take any action until i won a contest on the local radio station, UFM 100.3! Prize was a S$100 gift certificate at Tenderfresh Classic! 

Even then, i procrastinated until the expiry date of the voucher edged nearer! Next was to decide which outlet and as the pricing for each dish was on average about S$10, i invited my sister's parents-in-law and the most convenient location is Punggol Waterway Point!   

You have more than just fried chicken dishes on the menu; there's new fusion pasta too that i would share a few later in this post! Ordering would be at the counter and payment shall be required before the cashier passes the pager needed to collect your food later. 

Remember to collect your cutlery, sauces and serviettes near the collection counter. We happily collected the food and totally forgotten about the cutlery. p.s. we did assume the cutlery would be placed in a holder on our table though. 
Creamy Mussel Pot - i found this a bit too small although i don't think we can complain when the price was S$6.90. Nevertheless, it was buttery, creamy and i personally prefer the sauce to be thicker so that i can spread it better on the toast. 

Onion Blossom - a must order and a delightful snack to indulge in! Fried to a crisp, the texture remained crispy after a while and it wasn't cloyingly oily! 

Grilled Salmon with Sambal - fish was overcooked and there's an unmistakable fishiness to the taste. At S$17.50 a plate, we definitely deserved better. 

Laksa Prawn Spaghetti - this was seriously not bad with a rich, aromatic broth that's made with coconut milk. Even though i would still prefer my laksa with thick bee hoon, this is an interesting version for those who are better accustomed to western noodles like spaghetti. 

Chilli Crab Pasta - despite this being a good effort to incorporate local dishes, it tasted more like sambal crab and i failed to associate it with chilli crab. 

Honey Glazed BBQ Whole - the honeyed marination was a tad too weak for me and i would definitely welcome a sweeter sensation. Anyway, i don't enjoy whole chicken; not when the entire butt was facing me! 

Leg of Beauty Udon - sounding a bit cannibalistic, this was like the highlight of our visit and it's not chicken that stole the limelight. It's surprisingly the udon which had a sour-sweetness to it and tasted intensively garlicky too! 

Tender Set (5 pieces) - basically your good, old fried chicken batter that always tasted like you went back to the time when you were a kid and was enjoying your first piece of fried chicken! 

83 Punggol Central, 
Waterway Point, #B2-04,
Singapore 828761

Facebook Page

Creamy Mussel Pot - S$6.90
Onion Blossom - S$6.90
Grilled Salmon with Sambal - S$17.50
Laksa Prawn Spaghetti - S$9.90
Chilli Crab Pasta - S$10.90
Honey Glazed BBQ Whole - S$18.90
Leg of Beauty Udon - S$10.90
Tender Set (5 pieces) - S$17.00
(Inclusive of GST)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Smart Bracelet (H8) with Step Tracker, Distance Calculator & Calorie Count from Qoo10 - Time to Start Walking More!

Some of you would have heard of the National Steps Challenge by the nation's Health Promotion Board (HPB) which dispensed free step trackers and enticed wearers with supermarket vouchers and even lucky draw chances for a trip to New Zealand.

For someone who didn't have the habit to wear a watch on his wrist, i diligently kept it on (those carrots work) until the tracker finally died on me; literally broken into a few parts. My wrist felt empty without the tracker and i decided to look around for a better quality tracker as a replacement. 

However, the cheapo in me couldn't bear to spend so much on a fit-bit and when i saw my friend shared a really affordable tracker on Facebook, i grabbed the time-limited opportunity to purchase a lowest-end model. And i finally received the package after ten days of wait! 

This is it; the smart bracelet and i think the brand is "Band" and it's 100% Hong Kong design; latter of which didn't quite matter to me. I just need a hardy tracker.

Would you want to guess how much i paid for it? S$19.90 after a S$30.00 discount and shipping was free! There's only one colour and i am so happy it's my favourite black. 

In addition to showing the time and counting your steps (like the basic tracker given by HPB), this would also calculate the distance and work out the calorie you would have burnt! 

All the information on the smart bracelet would be useless if you don't download an app to track all your effort! Sadly, this isn't compatible with HPB's Healthy 365 app and you would have to download a specialised app known as GoBand. 

Connecting the bracelet via bluetooth wasn't too difficult even though i struggled a bit after accidentally disconnecting it from the app and couldn't get it to connect; turned out i needed to disconnect it via the phone's bluetooth too before i can re-connect! 

Syncing my steps; a rather disappointing result from a target of 10,000 steps....

You can track your "performance" on a daily, monthly or event yearly basis! There's even a sleep tracking function where you would know if you are in deep, light or extremely light sleep. I shall wear my bracelet to sleep tonight! 

Other functions include messaging notification, shoot a photograph using your phone's camera and play the music on the phone. Nice add-ons that would require Bluetooth connectivity! Given the need to conserve battery, i doubt i would be using those add-ons as Bluetooth is such a battery drainer. 

Do i like the bracelet? I definitely do; slim, classic and seemed to be of really good make. I love the fact that compared to the HPB free tracker, you needn't remove it from the strap to recharge the battery! Only god knows how many times i dropped the now-spoilt tracker on the floor whenever i detached it! 

I am praying hard that it can last me for quite some time! 


Where I Bought It

Smart Bracelet (H8) - S$19.90

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

KSL Hotel & Resort - Connected to the KSL Mall @ Johor Bahru [Singapore]

I planned to bring my mother for a pre-Mother's Day staycation at Holiday Villa after my comfortable experience with the new hotel on my birthday but i missed out on the last room on!

However, i did manage to secure a room at the nearby KSL resort hotel although i did have some reservations as i had received pretty negative feedback from family and friends! Whatever the case, i guess i should just try for the sake of reviewing it and it's also beneficial to have the popular KSL mall directly connected to the hotel.

After an excruciating two-hour wait at the Malaysia checkpoint, we finally checked in to the hotel at about 5.30 pm! I was thoroughly shagged and it didn't help that i had stomach upset since morning that day. 

There are two towers; so please ensure you are taking the lifts at the correct tower. Just to note that there's also an apartment wing which doesn't have in-room WiFi and in my sister's opinion, not really well maintained. 

Don't ask me why but i was upgraded to a superior triple room on the 22nd floor. My original purchase was a superior room (2 twin beds) that can sleep three persons. It's also the first room nearest to the lift lobby; can strike out one of the 10 taboos for staying in a hotel

Superior Triple Room - the layout of hotel rooms (for superior class) is usually quite standard i feel. From the picture on, the twin-bedded is the same as the superior triple room on KSL website

Parallel to Tower 1 is Tower 2 right opposite! I can literally see the people staying in the hotel right opposite and needless to say, i kept the curtains drawn most of the time and would very much prefer the room view at Holiday Villa hotel.

View of the swimming pools on level 7.

To the right is Holiday Villa hotel; the black platform that formed the horizontal line of the letter L is actually the infinity pool on level 25 of Holiday Villa

On the left would be the city view in between Tower 2 and the apartment block. 

There's something unique about the room at KSL and i bet some of you would have noticed. The hotel provides bolsters on the beds which is a rarity! Hugging a bolster is very much an Asian thing and i would unwillingly replace it with a pillow whenever i travel overseas.

Another view of the room - it wasn't big although sufficient for just a night stay for three of us. As i wasn't feeling well, i went to bed before 6.00 pm and slept till the next morning! 

What else to expect in the room? A dressing table, flat screen television with safe and mini fridge underneath it, complimentary bottled water and coffee / tea maker. To use the room WiFi, please log in with the provided username and password on the key card holder given by the receptionist. 

Aside from the bolsters which caught me by surprise, i was also taken apart to find pool slippers, an iron and an ironing board in the closet! Seeing the iron reminded me of the incident at Bandung's Best Western Premier La Grande Hotel.

Fine (Recovery fee) for those who smoke in non-smoking room! 

Now the washroom with the usual shower gel, shampoo, body lotion and numerous kits that i don't use except. As i am with two ladies, the situation is different as most of the kits were no longer there the next day! As expected, mum loves the existence of the hair dryer! 

Heng ah; no see through glass in between the shower and the bedroom. There's rainfall shower and the toilet bowl came with a bidet! Trust me, it's good to have it when you have diarrhea as i did on my day of stay. 

Pool on the seventh level - in a condominium setting, it's common to have the pool in the centre of all the residential blocks although for KSL, it also faces the ballrooms and function rooms. 

Feel free to flaunt your assets! Please keep in mind that you can redeem towel by using a card (not the room access card) that's given by the receptionist. 

The two hotel towers; first time i am attempting this shoot as it's usually from left to right and i didn't know i can stitch the photos on Photoshop from bottom to top! 

Dinosaur water theme park - entry for hotel residents would be free and viewing from the outside (as the park was still closed when i checked out the place), the rides were nothing to scream about but would likely be enjoyed by kids. Non-hotel residents would need to fork out RM 50 an adult and RM 30 a child to access the theme park. 

Arcade games on the same level - chargeable! 

Accessing the games room behind the arcade machines which came with table tennis table, a pool table and even a golf simulator (charges apply) known as The Mission Golf. If Alex was with me, he would likely challenge me to either table tennis or pool.  

Gymnasium was within the games room, albeit further in and it's actually very big; taking up three rooms with running machines in one and weights in another. 


Overall, it was a satisfying stay and i didn't encounter anything unpleasant. I didn't opt for the breakfast package since there's ample food surrounding KSL in the morning (one of which is the pork porridge at one of the kopitiams). As mentioned above, the hotel is very near to Holiday Villa hotel; do try the KFry at Holiday Villa.

33 Jalan Seladang, Taman Abad, 
Johor Bahru 80250, Johore,


Pricing from
Superior (2 Twin Beds) - S$84.18 

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